Department of Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is a high demanded course in engineering. Besides knowledge of mathematics, students are required to learn Mechanics, Hydrology, Soil characteristics, Geology, Chemistry, Material Science, Computer and Electrical engineering. It deals with fluid mechanics, soil mechanics, Geo-technology, land and water resources, irrigation, building and road construction, structural engineering, bridge construction, environment pollution and control, waste management, water supply and sanitation. The Students can get placement in any of the above sectors. They can work in the construction projects of central government or state government bodies. Experienced civil engineers can perform as freelance designers. They can seek jobs in teaching and research sector after acquiring higher degrees The Department offers graduate and post graduate degree education in CE.

Goals and Objectives:

  • To work continuously in the integration, creation and dissemination of knowledge through team work.
  • To value diversity and use various survey methods including satellite based GIS, GPS and RS.
  • To apply the design principles on construction work.

Thrust Areas:

  • Building, road and bridge construction, irrigation projects, land surveys, landscaping
  • Experimental stress techniques and non-destructive testing of construction materials.
  • To impart experimental and analytical skills in civic amenities and waste management.


  • Basic Civil Engineering.
  • Engineering Mechanics.
  • Strength of Materials and Structural engineering and material testing lab.
  • Environmental
  • Soil Mechanic
  • Geo Technical
  • Hydraulics
  • Transportation
  • Surveying