Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Textile Engineering - Overview

chemical_HOD Mr. G. S. Kakad
HOD & Asso. Prof.

The Textile Engineering Department established with a aim to expose students to Industry oriented Machines & equipments. Textile industry, one of the major industry of the world's economy and India's second largest industrial sector deals with one of the basic necessity of life i.e. clothing material, which reveals the development of the human civilization.

Textile Engineering finds its vast scope from the microstich in medical surgery to spacesuit used in fast growing space-research exploring the universe. It finds its advancement and application in every emerging technological field.

The course deals with the study of manufacturing of Yarns, Woven & Non-Woven fabrics with its aesthetic and comfort properties. The end use requirement of particular textile enables the textile technocrat to design the desired product. The stream produces extensive job potential in various fields as spinning, weaving, chemical processing, non-woven, knotted fabric manufacturing, textile designing, fashion designing, textile marketing & fiber manufacturing Govt. Sectors as well as in academics etc.

The Textile Engineering Department in our Institute has well established, well equipped laboratories, High qualified and experienced faculty members and well established library facility. The Institute takes every care of the students in providing them quality education.

The Department is running TESA (Textile Engg. Students Association) which to give exposure to students hidden facets & help them for their overall personality development.