Department of Department of Basics

Department of Humanities focuses on teaching, learning, research and training. The department attempts to encourage personal growth and job opportunities to the students. This subject deals with different dimensions of interactive skills, which includes communication skills, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, team spirit and the likes. A highly active Training and Placement cell apart from keeping a constant monitoring on the personality development and training of students, assists the students to be well placed in the corporate sectors by improving communication skills, develop personality & boost confidence. The department is also well-equipped with the best infrastructure and language lab. The distinctive Features of Language Lab is to expose students to a variety of listening and speaking drills. Students learn the right pronunciation, modulation and stress required for good communication. Students can do self- assessment of their spoken language by assessment of their spoken language by listening & comparing their own recorded voice to that of an expert’s. It helps students to overcome their hesitation, shyness and make them comfortable while speaking. Language lab is the answer to the problem of teaching & learning of a new language with scientific approach.

The language lab is equipped with the following features:

  • 35 student’s consoles with headphones & microphones.
  • Individual attention for each student, without disturbing others and speaking can be developed with neutral accent.
  • Proficiency in pronunciation, accent and language flow can be attained in a most effective manner.

PGOI-Industry Interaction

The institute goes beyond conventional education methodologies where students are not mere learners but also contributors. This requires besides class room teaching and hands on practice interaction with research institutions and industries for exposure to real situation where students are likely to serve in future. Special lectures are organized on advance topics from the research institutions and industries, which help the students to broaden their scientific and technological knowledge. PGOI has tie ups with IBM, Professional Tutorials, Ambience career launcher and Pathfinder for training on students. The interactions also help students to undertake innovative developments. The students of PGOI have received National level awards for e-Car, smart water level measuring device, 3D holograms, smart household light control device, multi level crossing bridge design etc.

National Talent Hunt – a Philanthropic Approach to Provide Higher Education

Quality of students is prerequisite for quality education. Due to financial constraints students’ from rural background and low income groups are not able to get proper education as desired for engineering education. Keeping this in mind PGOI has launched the National Talent Hunt wherein students of 10th and 12th are given an opportunity to compete for merit scholarship up-to Rs. 1.5 lakh and cash prizes from Rs. 11,000 to Rs. 1.00 lakh. The National Talent Hunt also gives an opportunity to students to assess themselves for seeking admission elsewhere. The core aim of education is to foster all round development of a student. Students from all over the country participate in the Talent Hunt competition. The examinations are conducted in many states to facilitate participation

Computer Labs:

All the Colleges of PGOI have separate computer centers with state of art networking and up-to date software like NH2, PHP, ADNOI, MATLAB, etc. A centralized computer centre facility exists with more than 400 computers with Wi-Fi networking. The IBM Centre of Excellence has been established where in experts from IBM interact with the students to deliver lectures on advances in software technology development.

Class Rooms

Teaching facilities are prime requirement for imparting quality education. All the colleges have Smart classrooms which are specious and equipped with modern equipment such as LCD & overhead projectors. All the classrooms have surrounded ambiance for studies.


Library is the heart of learning as it provides facilities to meet the requirement of training, teaching, research etc. The PGOI library is equipped with books, Indian and foreign journals and magazines, audio-visual academic sources. Besides a large spacious central Library, all the colleges have their separate library to serve the specific requirement of the student. The libraries are linked with computer network and students have direct access to search the desired books from any of the college. Inter libraries Loan facility enables students to borrow books/journals from any one of the libraries. The students are allowed to borrow 5 books for the complete Semester under Book Bank scheme.







  1. The Knowledge power house
  2. Clear reflections
    1. Devotion
    2. Learning
    3. Innovation
    4. Discipline
    5. Equality
    6. Transparency
  3. As an educational institute, PGOI strives to imbibe sound professional knowledge in students to become proactive & task oriented professionals.