Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Computer science is a rapidly growing field. Within the past 20 years, conventional system of processing data has been replaced by computers. Innovation in Digital concept, E-education, virtual and robotics are new inventions. Mobile and video communication practice are household realities. A Computer Science student can instantly find work in computer related data or word processing sectors. All kind of businesses, IT sectors, e-marketing, e-governance, on-line financial transactions, data inventory, design-engineers, manufacturing sectors, automobile industries, railways, aerospace, satellite communication, remote sensing, transport sectors, need programers and hardware engineers to address the issues. As a computer engineering major, one can work for top tech companies such as TCS, Apple, Google, Cisco, Intel, IBM, Windows, Samsung, etc. The department provides graduate and post graduate degrees in CSE.

Goals and Objectives:

  • To make professionals and excel in computer education.
  • To provide technocrat of higher caliber for software industries.
  • To prepare for jobs with unique enriching experience.

Thrust Areas:

  • Computer networks and distributed system.
  • Wireless and sensor networks.
  • Cyber forensic.
  • Web Technology.
  • Information system and security.
  • Computing education and embedded system.

Labs :

  • Clusters of PC’s with Linux and windows, connected to a High Speed Internet Link.
  • Dedicated NT/Windows Blade Server.
  • Programming.
  • Data base.
  • Linux.
  • Hardware.
  • Networking.
  • Cloud & big data analysis.

Computer Facilities

The Computer Lab is equipped with state of the art computer systems. All the Colleges of PGOI have separate computer centers with state of the art networking and up-to date software like NH2, PHP, MATLAB, ERP etc. A centralized computer centre facility exists with more than 1800 computers with Wi-Fi network facility. The IBM Centre of Excellence has been established where in experts from IBM interact with the students to deliver lectures on advances in software technology development.