Message From CEO

Madhu Malhotra

Prof. Madhu Malhotra, CEO, PGOI, Bhopal & Indore30 Yrs. of Exp. in Academics & Administration

At PGOI we strive to make you ready for life. This is not only a place of educational worship but a platform where the student learns various tricks of the game of life while focusing on his education. We focus on you and your success. You are the reason for our existence and you are our number one priority. Our goal is to provide you with the support you need to be successful in your career.

We would like to create an environment where student learn with his\her self-belief and happily undergoes a strenuous process where learning is more important than grades. Support to a ‘less grasping mind’ and enhancement of an ‘inquisitive thinking’ is what the faculties at PGOI are trained to achieve.

Interaction between the trainer and the trainee is most fruitful if the pedagogy suits both. We try to create an environment where the teaching learning process happens through the best of technical and social comfort. the university is open for the entire day for learning and apart from classroom activities the teachers help the students in honing the other inherent skills of each student in different areas of interest.

I welcome you all to this temple of knowledge and assure you that we shall showcase and provide a huge platform to nurture you talent and make you ready for life...

Mr. Puspraj Mishra

Mr. Puspraj Mishra, Coordinator PGOI, Indore20 Years experience of Administration

Education enables a person to face challenges for successful life. We, therefore, at PGOI, Indore would like to encourage all students to thrive for the best to make them knowledgeable in Engineering, Management, Pharmacy and Education with high self esteem and discipline. Education at our Institution is not only for academic brilliance but also for an ambiance where our ancient cultural heritage and human skills are improved. Beside academics, students are also encouraged to take part in extracurricular and co-curricular activities and many of our students have brought pride to the Institution. Excellent infrastructure by way of Transport, Wi-Fi Internet facilities, Sports facilities and Cafeteria are available in the College campus. Our institute has placed many students with Top companies and it is still going on with rapid pace. It is the objective of the Management and Faculty who are dedicated to improve and deliver competitive quality technical and management education to the need of industry. I wish you a very happy and academically highly rewarding student life in PGOI, Indore and hope that you excel in your knowledge and bring pride to this prestigious institution.