Code Of Conduct

Code Of Conduct For The Student

  • Every student shall maintain discipline both in and outside the class and the PGOI campus and help the authorities to maintain peace and tranquility and a congenial academic environment.
  • Every student shall be regular in attending the academic programmes. Irregularity in attendance at will may make him/her liable to disciplinary action
  • No student shall indulge in ragging of fresher or in any disgraceful behavior with fellow students and teachers/staff otherwise it shall be viewed as acts of gross indiscipline and misconduct
  • No student shall invite any undesirable person to the Campus or in the Hostel
  • All students shall be properly dressed as prescribed by the PGOI
  • Violence or unbecoming behavior or exerting pressure on the authorities through the media or the politicians shall be treated as misconduct.
  • The hostelers shall not allow anything unlawful to be done or keep forbidden materials in their rooms.
  • More details about misconduct and ragging are given in the conduct and ragging rules.