Employee Welfares

Duties of the Employees Welfare Officer

Employees Welfare Officer

The Chairperson/Vice-Chairman of PGOI will appoint an Employees’ Welfare Officer preferably Head HR or identified by the PGOI Management Committee from the existing staff not below the rank of Registrar or Associate Professor to create harmonious relation and cooperation between employees and Management that will lead to the prosperity of the Organization and satisfaction of the employees. For this the EWO will coordinate welfare measures such as working environment, sitting space, lighting, drinking water, canteen, rest room, toilets, cooperatives, uniform to the select groups, housing (if possible), education of the children, travel, vacation guidance, and interest free loan for the employees ( As per rules) that will improve the working efficiency of the employees.

The following duties may be assigned to EWO:

  • To act as a link between management and employees to have a conducive working environment for the growth of the PGOI and students;
  • To bring to the notice of Management any general grievances that is causing hardship and retarding the full working efficiency of the employees such as sitting space, canteen, drinking water, toilet etc.;
  • To organize training and faculty development programmes for the career growth of the employee;
  • To organize get together, sports and cultural activities to create social harmony;
  • To facilitate procurement of household necessities through cooperatives;
  • To recommend interest free loan to ease hardship being faced by the employees from the Employees Welfare Fund ( as per rules).
  • To facilitate Employees Welfare Fund and Group Insurance Scheme to the interested employees.

Employees Welfare Fund

  • The Chairperson/Chairman may create an Employees Welfare Fund managed by a Committee under the Chairmanship of the EWO to facilitate measures for the welfare of the employee based on mutual cooperation.
  • To manage the affairs of the EWF the Management will create an Employees Welfare Society
  • The Society will be managed by a Committee comprised of:
    1. EWO – Chairman
    2. Registrar PGOI - Member secretary
    3. Director (Finance),
    4. Representative of the PGOI Management Committee,
    5. Representative - non-teaching staff
    6. Representative - teaching faculties

(Note: The representatives of the Non-teaching and Teaching faculties will be selected by respective Members of the Employees Welfare Society.)

  • All the employees’ other than Officers (Members of the Management Committee, OSD, Coordinators ,Directors, Principals, Deans, Head Academics, HODs, Registrar, Deputy Registrar, Chief Accounts Officer) may become Members of the Society by paying non-refundable membership fees of Rs 100.00. and the Employer shall contribute equal amount to the society fund.
  • Members of the Society may avail interest free loan up to a maximum of one month salary from the Welfare Fund to meet expenses in connection with emergency medical treatment on account of accident to be reimbursed within a maximum period of 6 months. In case they fail to return the loan within stipulated period they will be charged 4.5% interest on the remaining loan amount.
  • Fund to the Welfare Society may comprise of :
    1. Membership fees and equal amount paid from the PGOI fund as a grant;
    2. The employees welfare contribution made from the remuneration paid to the external examiners (10% of this amount may be paid to the Students Welfare Fund if agreed by the Chairperson, PGOI);
    3. Transfer of fund received as a fine/penalty imposed on the PGOI employees including PGOI officers for the negligence in performance of the assigned duties(willful absence from the duty shall be considered as negligence in performing duty by the employees).
    4. Unspent revenue generated from the external sources other than government agencies.
    5. Interest amount paid by the members for the loan taken from the Welfare Fund if not return within stipulated period; and
    6. Any other special grant/contribution received for the EWF from the external sources.
  • The Director (Finance) shall maintain the Accounts of the Fund and operated jointly by Chairperson and Vice Chairman;
  • Accounts of Employees Welfare Fund accounts shall be audited by the Auditor (PGOI).