Student Welfares

Revised Duties of the Dean of the Student's Welfare

Dean Students Welfare

The Chairperson may appoint a Dean of the Students' Welfare (DSW) from amongst the PGOI faculties/staff with a rich academic experience and record of wide counseling interaction with students and understand day-to-day problems of students. He should organize programmes in creative areas which will generate social harmony amongst students, management and faculty under the overall supervision of Director PGOI (Academic & Administration).

The Dean Student Welfare will coordinate with respective other concerned Authorities to ensure that students are provided opportunities and facilities for their all-round personality development and leadership qualities.

For this DSW will with the following authorities:

  • Hostels Warden (Food, water, sanitation, Wi-Fi, amenity center, gym, transport, health checkup and medical facilities etc)
  • I/C (Canteen) (Food, snacks, drinks etc)
  • I/C Transportation ( to and fro travel facilities to attend the college)
  • Coordinator (Other Activities) – Extra-curricular activities (games, sports, club cultural & literary activities such as Muqabala and Insignia)
  • Director (Academic and Administration) and Dean PGOI (UG&PG) - Co-curricular activities (debates, discussions, essay competitions, scientific exhibitions, tech - fest, writing competition.

A.The DSW will have the following duties to perform:

  • To look after students' welfare and be their chief guide and benefactor;
  • To ensure that the students do not feel neglected and harassed away from their homes; interact with parents of the students to apprise them about progress of their wards;
  • To listen to the difficulties, if any, of the students in the campus and provide necessary counseling/guidance to them;
  • To coordinate co-curricular and extra-curricular activities (orientation, farewell, sports, cultural blood donation camps, etc.) of the students;
  • To help the students to obtain travel facilities/concessions for the training/holidays/vacations;
  • To strength general utility facilities/amenities in the PGOI campus and Hostel for the benefit of the students;
  • To create and strength ‘Students’ Welfare Fund’ and to act as an Adviser of the same;
  • To explore and provide travel grants (full or partial as the case may be) from the Students Welfare Fund for the
    1. the study tours/industrial visits to local and adjoining places;
    2. for participation in State and National level seminar, sports competition, and exhibitions;
    3. Medical treatment in case of emergency (accidents, sickness, urgent medical help etc.);
  • To explore the possibility of Group Insurance Scheme on voluntary basis for the students.
  • To facilitate employment assistance to students in coordination with Training and Placement Cell:
  • Any other duties as assigned by the Chairperson/Co-Chairman.

B.Creation of Students Welfare Fund

  • The Management shall ensure that a separate Students’ Welfare Fund is created by:
    1. Contribution made by the Chairperson from the PGOI fund as grant;
    2. Transfer of part of the fund from the Employees Welfare Fund (may be 10%) that has been contributed as a deduction from the remuneration paid to the external examiners;
    3. Providing unspent fund from the resources generated by organizing extra-curricular activities such as sports, and cultural activities;
    4. Transfer of students fine/penalty imposed (if any), and
    5. Any other grant/contribution received from the external resource.
  • There shall be a Committee for the recommendation of financial assistance from the Students’ Welfare Fund and the recommendation so made will be approved by the Vice-Chairman, PGOI. The Committee will comprise of:
    1. Director/Principal
    2. HOD of the concerned PGOI College,
    3. Director (Finance),
    4. a representative of the Management Committee and
    5. DSW who shall act as the Chairman/Chairperson of the Committee;
  • The Director (Finance) shall maintain the Accounts of the Fund and operated jointly by Chairperson and Vice Chairman;
  • The Accounts of the Students Welfare fund shall be audited by the PGOI Auditor