Dept. of Electronics & Commu.Engg.


The EC department focus on to acquire technical competence to meet the challenges of the rapidly evolving field of engineering and to contributes to the Scientific, Economical and Social development of the society as a whole. It strives to create an intellectual environment.


To provide educational and practical experience that prepares individuals for graduate studies. The main purpose is the development of analytical and experimental skills.

Goles and Objectives

 To solve engineering problems using appropriate tools and technology.
 To apply the design and become professionals.
 To flourish professionally in an increasingly global, dynamic and competitive market place.

Thrust Areas

 Development of analytical and experimental skills.
  Focus on teaching learning process.
 To develop skills and competencies necessary to understand today’s technical trends.


 Basic Electronic
 Electronic Devices
 Network analyses
 Digital Communications
 Analog Communications
 Analog & Digital comm.
 Electronic devices & circuits
 Basic Electrical Engineering
 Optical Communication
 Electronic and Instrumentation
 VLSI Lab.