Department of Information Technology


The IT departments focus on technical challenge and development of system thinking, analysis, research and lifelong achievement in industrial sector. The courses includes the scientific, Economical, and social development through critical and creative thinking.


To provide quality education and to pursue global standard of excellence and remain accountable through process of self evaluation and continuous improvement.

Goles and Objectives

 To put great emphasis on laboratories and project work.
 To apply various concepts, tools and techniques in technical arena.
 To analyze and design complex information technology system and to make IT professionals.
 To prepare the students for wide range of IT careers with unique and enriching experience of molding tomorrow’s technocrats with high caliber and commitment.

Thrust Areas

  Information system and security.
 To develop skills and competencies to understand today’s technical trends.
 To prepare for jobs in IT sector.


 Programming lab.
 Data base.
 Linux lab.
 Language lab.
 Hard ware lab.