Every student shall devote his attention to his studies under the guidance of the teachers of the PGOI to which he has been admitted.
 He shall maintain discipline both in and outside the class and the PGOI campus and help the authorities to maintain peace and tranquillity and a congenial academic environment in the PGOI.
 He shall be regular in attending the classes, tutorials laboratory/workshop/field as required for his studies and shall not abstain therefrom without the permission of the teacher concerned. Abstaining with permission shall not mean presence in the class. Irregularity in attendance at will may make him/her liable to disciplinary action including expulsion from the class/hostel or even the PGOI apart from denial of permission to write his/her examinations due to shortage of attendance.
 No student shall indulge in ragging of fresher or in any disgraceful behaviour with fellow students and teachers/staff of the PGOI. Arrogant, violent, abusive, indecent and discourteous behaviour of trying to harm physically or cause mental torture to anybody or to cause and harm to the PGOI property (e.g. buildings, furniture, fixtures, library, museum, laboratory, workshop, and equipment and defacing or writing and spitting on the walls, garden, parks, etc.) which shall be viewed as acts of gross indiscipline and misconduct and dealt with accordingly by the authorities.
 Any student indulging in any unlawful activity in the hostel, in the PGOI Campus or outside shall not only make himself/herself liable to disciplinary action by the PGOI authorities but also to legal action by the law enforcing authorities and the PGOI authorities shall in no way interfere with their action.
 No student shall invite any undesirable person to the Campus or allow him/her to stay in the hostel or help or abet the commitment of any act of larceny, vandalism, plunder or physical assault on anybody in or outside the PGOI premises.
 All students shall be properly dressed in sober and graceful manner as prescribed by the PGOI and strictly avoid dressing in flamboyant and light dresses exposing the body indecently.
 No student shall ever boycott the classes or indulge in strikes or boycott the examinations or participate in any such activity or persuade or pressurize or coerce any other student or employee to do the same.
 Use of unfair means in the examinations shall be considered as misconduct for all students and dealt with accordingly.
 All students are expected to lead a simple, austere, tolerant and gracious life. They should not drink alcoholic preparations, use drugs or smoke nor compel or persuade others to do the same and wholly avoid company of undesirable elements and / or visiting places of immoral activities. Any student found indulging in any such activity may be summarily expelled from the University.
 No student shall practice unsociability in or outside the PGOI nor shall treat persons from any community, caste, religion, language or region with contempt.
 In case any student or a group of students face any difficulty in conducting their studies peacefully or face any problem of any other nature they should immediately approach the Director of the PGOI/ HOD/Head Academics for help and guidance. Violence or unbecoming behaviour or exerting pressure on the authorities through the media or the politicians shall be treated as misconduct.
 The hostellers shall not allow anything unlawful to be done or keep forbidden materials in their rooms or in the hostel premises. Their rooms/hostels can be searched at any time by the PGOI authorities or even the law enforcing agencies and appropriate action taken against them.
 All students shall be expected to take active part in the cultural, extracurricular and spiritual activities of the PGOI and always act in a manner which earns a good name to them as also to their alma mater.