Open (Off) Campus

Brief Action Plan to organize the campus

Plan -1 (Traditional)

 Collect the data of all eligible students from all the colleges, compile the data & send to COMPANY HR for permission..
 Online free registration of students, which can be viewed to you in your office, so that you have a good idea about the quality & number of students
 Distribution of Hall Tickets, without providing them the Roll Number. It is so, because, if it is provided in advance & students are absent then many seats will be left vacant, not only this, it would also create a problem to distribute the Question Papers.
 At the time of entering in to College Campus we will providethe RollNumberto the candidate.
 Seating affangement will be already done according to the Roll Numbers. Our committee is capable to make it convenient for candidate to seat in their place in examination within 60 min.
 Immediately aftercompletion of WrittenExam'PPT'will startinthe Auditorium.
 Mean while, Papers will be checked & Result will be prepared.
 Result will be declared in the Auditorium & short listed students will be called in the seminar room.
 Short listed students will be instructed for further processes.

Plan - 2 (Data Collection)

The plan to organize the campus will be almost same, as given above; except following points:

 We will inform all the TPOS about the Campus Drive & call students themselves for data submission to our college, where we will verify the data with their originals & after compilation we will send the data to generate the Hall Tickets.
 We will collect attested photo copies of all the original documents of the students, which we can handed over to you at the time of Campus Drive or before as per your instructions.

Plan - 3 (Scanning of copy of original documents)

 We can provide facility on our website for online submission of data from the students with the attachments of scanned documents, which will be visible to you at your office.
 It is possible to face problems in online submission ftom the students, because process is new; in that case, we can scan their documents ,in our college & after compilation they can be sent to you in a DVD.

Plan - 4 (Written Examination)

We can arrange written examination at a single place for easy monitoring by you in our auditorium in a single shot.