The Placement facility is available to all the students registered with the Training and Placement Cell through the Online/Offline registration. Any student who does not register within the stipulated date will not be permitted to participate in the process.
 Acquisition & managing the latest data of the students is the combined responsibility of the T & P cell & the students themselves. Hence every student is required to check the status of his/her latest data with the T& P cell.
 Once the placement process is initiated the students may attend the presentations made by the company and make their decision to attend the selection process. Once they have opted for attending the process of the company they will not be permitted to drop out at any stage of the process.
 Students are required to keep their Identity cards with them at the-time of appearing in the selection process and shall produce the same on being asked for by either the selection team member or the placement cell team.
 Any student who has been selected by the company through a close campus will not be permitted for attending the next close campus unless & until the difference in the offered packages is Rs. one lakh or more. Once 85% of the students of a particular branch are placed, a second opportunity may be provided.
 In case of a student opting for the second job and getting selected, he/she has to submit a letter of regret (for the first organization) to the T&P cell in the specified format immediately on getting the second offer.
 Students are advised not to contact directly the selection team members at any circumstances for placement purposes without seeking permission of the T&P cell.
 Placement office takes the responsibility of centrally receiving offer letters, distributing and dispatching the acceptance letters to the companies
 The offer letters need to be sent to the Placement office for handing over to the students. Offer acceptances (from the students) received, will be sent to the company by the Training & Placement Cell.